Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Know How to Make Money with Mobile Phones

Know How to Make Money with Mobile Phones

The thought of making money with mobile phone brings a cheer on every ones face. This is because nearly everyone has a mobile phone. The days where a mobile phone was used only for voice calls or for text messages has gone. Everyone has to agree that mobile phone has the potential to change things in future. Now it has everything in it, what ever you need.
This is all possible because mobile phone is the only appliance where all the applications are moving to. Earlier we used to use different appliances for different purposes.

Walkman then i-pod for listening music, watch television for live matches, computer for browsing; now that time has gone.

Before we could imagine something new, it is already present in the mobile phone, it so fast now a days.
All these appliances and much more are embedded in the mobile phone. The entire world is in your palm. That is the future of mobile. Competition between I-Phone from Apple and Android from Google will make things possible which are literally impossible.

Earning from mobile phone is based on the fact that nearly half of the world population is using mobile phones and it is increasing every day. Recent Surveys shows that the mobile phone industry is booming. It’s becoming hard to find any person without a mobile phone even in the developing countries. This is providing a lot of scope to earn money from Mobile Phone.

There are many more ways to earn money from your mobile phone; some of them are:

Paid to receive Message (SMS) and Video Clips (MMS):
What many people know is to earn a free coupon or free mobile downloads like games. What many do not know is that it has a lot of untapped potential in earning money.

There are a lot of sites already present on the web which pays the mobile users for receiving text and picture messages. This kind of advertising is different over other types. Advertisers are ready to pay to this kind of advertising as the message reaches directly to the target person. Messages cannot be ignored unlike emails; every one opens the message to see what it is.

In recent days they have included the video clips in MMS format. These may be short video clips with commercial interest but in fact a big hit. Messages or video clips, you read or watch them if you like or simply delete. You will be paid only to receive the message and the rest as you like; you buy the product or not. You can check the balance in the mobile advertisement websites.

Mobile Marketing:
You might have seen ads while browsing internet on your mobile phone. These are small size ads which are made to attract mobile users using internet. These ads are compatible for different mobile browsers, when you click them; they resize to fit in the mobile screen. Everyone started to advertise their products on the mobile sites due to the huge potential in it. The best form of mobile marketing is to do affiliate marketing programs on the mobile sites. You can do the affiliate marketing programs like CPA advertising (cost per action). 

Mobile Sites:
With the boom of the mobile marketing there comes the opportunity for mobile sites. These sites are designed for the mobile users as we have the websites for a computer. The mobile sites are about 1/5 smaller than the normal website so that they can fit in the screen of the mobile phone to give the user a complete experience.

You can literally create a mobile site for any purpose. You can sell products, sell music or sell wallpapers which are quite a demand now a days or any product of your choice.
Mobile games are fantastic opportunity as I have not seen a mobile without games in the recent times. This is a good choice as the mobile users tend to play games while waiting for someone or while travelling.

To sell these games you can either tie up with the mobile service provide or can directly sell on the internet.

To gain more revenue you can also use programs like Google ad sense in your Mobile site.

Mobile Applications:
Applications are the utilities or the programs running on a mobile phone.  There are already a lot of them existing and many more are created every day. Users always like to have the latest mobile application on their phone which is actually creating a lot of scope for the sales of mobile applications.

Each icon what you see on your mobile are called applications or Apps, there are a lot of them already on your mobile phone and you can download more if you like, there are plenty yet to come.

You can either create mobile applications using free software tools found on the internet or you can help in the sales or downloads of some ones applications using affiliate marketing. The potential is unlimited as the future rests in these mobile applications.


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