Thursday, September 4, 2014

How to Make Money Clicking Ads, Reading and e-mails

How to Make Money Clicking Ads, Reading and e-mails

Getting paid for reading emails/clicking advertisement (ads) is the simplest of all the online opportunities to make money online. This is completely free and can be done in your spare time.
In this you get paid for simply viewing advertisements or advertiser websites. Reading emails by just clicking them from mails will make you money.

If you are wondering what should you do reading emails, you don’t have to read the emails if you are not interested. You just click the ads and read them or view them if you like or you simply leave them until the timer completes and you are paid.

A lot of online opportunities are limited to some English speaking countries leaving behind all other countries. But this opportunity is not limited to any country in any way.

Almost all countries are eligible to earn money through this opportunity. This is a pay-per-click advertising system where the Paid to Click (PTC) or Paid to Read (PTR) sites get their revenues from advertisers.

Registration to these PTC, PTR sites is completely free. After you register, a confirmation mail will be sent to your register account for safe keeping. Some sites they even have double passwords to prevent from anyone logging into your account.

After you login to these sites, you just need to view an advertisement for a maximum of 30 seconds and that’s it, you account will be credited instantly with the amount. Members will earn up to 2 cents per each advertisement you view and the amount will be a bit more if you are receiving more ADS in your mail.

Extra Benefits
A. Guaranteed ads daily: You will have a minimum amount of ADS to be clicked on any given day. You will not find any day without any ads when you log into your account.

B. Toolbar: Some of this PTC, PTR websites also have the option of toolbar. When you download this tool bar to your system it also gives you Instant Notification of New Ads Available. Thus you won’t miss any paid ADS.

C. Detailed statistics: How many Ads you clicked on any particular day can been seen in the statistics page. You don’t need to remember how many Ads you have clicked in any week or month.

D. Upgrade Membership: Upgraded members will be paid more than the standard members. Cost of the membership to upgrade differs from one PTC site to another.

E. Dedicated community: Most of the PTC sites have a forum where they can discuss on a variety of topics including how to earn more and with what strategies.

F. Support: All these sites have a dedicated support staff. You can approach them by filling up a form or by emailing them whenever you have a problem with the money or with the site. Some sites even have a chat to help their members.

G. prizes and offers: Apart from the normal clicking or reading emails, you will also have many additional ways to earn more on these sites. Some sites offer surprise prizes to the active members, while some have a superb offers only for their upgraded members.

Referrals play an important role in this PTC and PTR sites. The more referrals you have the more opportunities to earn money. Referrals of two types:

A. Direct Referrals: After you register to any of these sites you will be given a referral link, where it is a special link tracking to you. You can share it with all your friends so that they join under you. Whoever click the referral link and joins the site will be tagged under you and you get a part of their income, usually it will be 50% of what they earn.

B. Rented Referrals: As it will be difficult to get many direct referrals you will need to rent some referrals from the site, you will get them at a fixed cost. All the rented referrals are tested before assigned to you.

Referrals that are not active everyday will be recycled and replaced with new active referrals. This is only meant for rented referrals as you are buying from the PTC site. Recycling of referrals is by two ways:

A. Auto Recycling: When rented referrals don’t click up to some days, for example say 10 days continuously they will be automatically replaced by system with active referrals.

B. Manual Recycling: When you can’t wait inactive referrals under you until they are automatically replaced, you can replace them with active referrals at a cost.

While some sites have a payment threshold like 10 dollars, meaning that you can cash out once you reach 10 dollars in your account. You can request your money through PayPal, Payza or through check. Most of the online payment through Paypal and Payza are instant. So you need to very careful while updating your accounts email ID.

There are many scams in this type of business, so be careful. Some of the best sites which are paying for years are: Neobux, Clixsense, wordlinx and Probux.


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