Monday, January 5, 2015

21 ways to earn extra cash

Keep the cash flowing with ideas like renting out your driveway or selling photos online. Whether youve been made redundant or just want to make some extra cash, there are lots of easy ways to do it.
To get a grip on your finances, ask yourself if youre spending more than you get in? Can you cancel any direct debits? advises money psychologist Christine Thompson-Wells, author of Making Cash Flow (Planet Press).
Having sorted that, try to create a second stream of income which will help you to keep out of debt.
Here is our pick of the easiest ways to do it...
(1) Home alone
Be a housesitter, definitely not one for snoopers!
DO IT: call 01296 630730 or go to .
EARN: Free accommodation, plus a daily food allowance of s7.
(2) Free parking
If you have a garage or driveway you dont use, rent it out.
DO IT: At .
EARN: Anything from s40 a month.
(3) Sign up as an exam invigilator
Most schools hire extra invigilators during exam time. All you need is a beady eye to catch the cheats!
DO IT: Contact local schools.
EARN: About s24 per exam.
(4) Recycle your phone
Its estimated that there are around 80 million old phones in the UK. Recycle it and earn some cash.
DO IT: Go to  or call 020 8274 4044.
EARN: s1 to s100+.
(5) Cook the books
Prepare meals for people in their homes. Not the one for you if youre a novice Nigella.
DO IT: Visit for inspiration.
EARN: s120 for a meeting, shopping and five hours cooking time.
(6) Be an Avon lady
Perfect if you like make-up and chatting to people.
DO IT: Visit .
EARN: 25% on products.
(7) Turn your home into a film set Many films, ads and TV series use normal homes so you dont need to be the owner of a grade I listed building.
DO IT: Visit .
EARN: s500 a day.
(8) Take to the screen
As Ricky Gervais showed in Extras, working in film and TV can be frustrating but it can also be fun and good money.
DO IT: Visit .
EARN: s80 to s100 a day.
(9) Listen to music
Review tracks as a music scout. One for the musos with lots of time on their hands.
DO IT: Log on to .
EARN: Around 5p to 25p per song.
(10) Dog walker
If you feel comfortable around dogs, then taking one for a stroll is a great way to earn money.
DO IT: Visit .
EARN: s9 an hour.
(11) Sell unwanted items on eBay
They say one persons rubbish is another mans treasure, so clear out your wardrobes and put it all on eBay.
DO IT: Register at .
EARN: Could be s50+ a month.
(12) Rent out a room
Take in a lodger and earn s4,250 a year before tax.
DO IT: Register your room free at
EARN: Depending on location up to s500+ a month.
(13) The mystery shopper
Enjoy meals out and get paid to shop, then report back on your experience.
DO IT: Call 01409 255025 or visit
EARN: Around s300 a month of free goodies, plus expenses.
(14) Freelance interviewer (door-todoor interviews)

The National Centre for Social Research is recruiting.
DO IT: Visit  or call 01277 690100.
EARN: s185 for an average of 17 successful interviews.
(15) Music to the ears
If you can play music have a go at busking. Check with the council to find out where you are allowed to play.
DO IT: Visit .
EARN: s40 an hour if youre good.
(16) Clear out
your CDs
Sell your unwanted CDs online.
DO IT: Visit
EARN: 60p to s1 per CD.
(17) Let your home
If you live somewhere with a big event, like the TT Race or Wimbledon, you could let your home.
DO IT: Contact the local tourist board.
EARN: From s150 per week.
(18) Street surveys
Get paid to talk by interviewing people for market research companies.
EARN: s8.75 per interview
(19) Sell snaps online
If you can take a decent photo, sell your images to agencies.
DO IT: Visit .
EARN: s2-s30 from each sale.
(20) Online market researcher
Youre sent products or services to test and fill in a survey with your findings.
DO IT:  or call 0845 257 3299.
EARN: Up to s2 per survey.
(21) Turn into Supernanny
If you like kids register as a childminder and look after more than one child in your own home.
DO IT: Contact the National
Childminding Association, or call 0800 169 4486.
EARN: From s2.50 per hour.


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